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【UTOPIA 43 Interviews】Vol. 23 Makoto Takeda

Why a Pediatrician Became a Virus Researcher, Professor Makoto Takeda, The University of Tokyo  (Movie in Japanese)

UTOPIA 43 Interviews | Vol. 23 Professor Makoto Takeda, The Department of Microbiology, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo


—Unraveling the Mysteries of Respiratory Viruses: A Pioneer's Journey

w   Measles virus, Influenza virus, Coronavirus


—Unlocking the Secrets of Coronavirus: "TMPRSS2" 

w   Mechanism of virus infection into cells 

w   Protease-mediated activation of the spike protein

w   Fusion of virus membrane and cell membrane

w   Elucidating the activation of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein by cellular protease TMPRSS2

w   Implications for viral isolation, testing, vaccine, and therapeutic development


—From Pediatrician to Virus Researcher— 

w   Aspired to become a pediatrician 

w   Leukemia, malignant tumors 

w   Complications of infections caused by immunosuppression from cancer chemotherapy 

w   Bacterial infections, fungal infections, viral infections 

w   Virus: the most challenging pathogen with limited treatment options 

w   Turned to virus research to benefit medical practice 

w   Research on viruses at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo: Path to becoming a researcher


—New Encounters through UTOPIA

w   Fostering collaboration across disciplines 

w   Fortunate circumstances for virus and vaccine researchers


—Connecting "Research" and "Practical Application" through UTOPIA

w   Basic research on virus infection mechanisms proved useful for practical interventions 

w   Technical support to translate research findings on disease mechanisms into therapeutics and vaccine development


—The Healing Amidst Busy Days— 

w   Playing futsal


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