Currently, we receive inquiries from a very large number of overseas students, far exceeding our laboratory's capacity to accept them. In most cases, we have to decline them, so we ask for your patience (December 2023).


In our laboratory, our goal is not only to learn basic knowledge and research methods in virology, but also to contribute to the advancement of science by making new discoveries, understanding the molecular mechanisms of viral pathogenicity, and saving the world from the threat of infectious diseases through basic research for the development of new therapeutic agents and vaccines.

For students, please refer to the following website for more information about the admissions process.

7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku 113-0033, Tokyo, Japan

Faculty of Medicine Experimental Research Bldg. 10F

Makoto Takeda

E-mail address: mtakeda[@]


(Laboratory Overview)

Laboratory layout

Researcher's room (Assistant Professor/Student Room)

Laboratory 1 (North side)

Laboratory 1 (South side)

Animal experiment room

Seminar room

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Confocal Microscope Room